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By Mary A. Williamson | Last Updated: May 12, 2022

Are you here searching for the best handheld cordless vacuum cleaner? If that is the case you need flexibility and compactness, our top 8 best products are the best approach.

In this piece of work, you are only going to read about the best products that were chosen by our experts. More so, to make sure that you make an esteemed buying decision, we have included some things to consider. We also included some FAQs related to the products we are going to review.

Without waste of time let us jump into it.

7 Best Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Reviews 2022


BLACK+DECKER dustbuster Handheld Vacuum, Cordless, 16V (CHV1410L)

Our first product is Black and decker cordless and handheld vacuum cleaner. While brand is the market leader for cordless handheld vacuum cleaners, this unit can’t disappoint. The CHV1410L excels in terms of performance, size, and adaptability.

This device is equipped with a solid battery that can stay life for over 1.5 years. This means that it will be consistently prepared wherever you are, regardless of whether you forgot to take the charger with you. For extended housing, the vacuum is supplied with a translucent trash can. This way you can easily tell when to empty it.

More so, this vacuum is equipped with a slim spout and is ideal for tight and hard-to-reach places. One after the other, cleaning under your sofas, stairs and in the office is child’s play. Besides, this device has a minimal design that makes moving easier. Importantly, the ergonomic handle guarantees ideal comfort if you work for a long time.

Furthermore, it has a suction power of 15.2 volts and is ready to remove the residue in your house. Likewise, the front part, which absorbs the earth, can be stretched out and reachable to extreme places like corners and edges.


  • Powerful motor
  • The easy-to-empty canister
  • The long-lasting battery


  • Not durable

2. Dyson V7 trigger

Second, is the Dyson V7 Trigger handheld vacuum cleaner which is designed for quick household use. Also, it is suitable for cleaning the inside of the vehicle.

Moreover, it is light, easy to work with, and works great to remove dirt from the tile floors and carpets. Besides, the smaller than usual mechanized tool proves to be competent when sucking animal hair.

More so, the runtime (in sleep mode) is quite long for a cordless vacuum, and the tests have shown that the actual runtimes were much longer than the numbers given by Dyson.

Importantly, the charging time is only 3.5 hours. Anyway, the runtime in Max mode is still pretty short.


  • Easy to empty
  • Fast start time
  • Lightweight


  • Short runtime in max mode

3. Homasy

Homasy Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Cordless, Powerful Cyclonic Suction Cleaner, Rechargeable 14.8V Lithium with Quick Charge Tech, Wet Dry Vacuum...

Next, find the compact vacuum from Homasy which uses a 100 W ultra-high power motor with a suction power of up to 8 kPa. It is best for the daily vacuuming of animal hair and paper waste.

Also, it can remove those hard-to-reach inconspicuous spots that are only 0.3 microns in size and hidden deep in sofas and sleeping pillows. Homasy Vacuum expects your family to be protected inside and out.

Moreover, Homasy has 4x2200mAh lithium high-performance batteries with a working time of up to 30 minutes and now has the longest suction time on the market for handheld vacuum cleaners. At the same time, the small vacuum cleaner is supplied with a 600 ml cup to solve the problem of dirty deep cleaning of your kitchen from room to room.

Importantly, with 3 different types of connections, the compact cordless vacuum cleaner can help you to completely clean the residues of the couch, partition, stairs and other hard-to-reach places.

More so, thanks to the elastic container connection, up to 100 ml of dirt can be drawn in each time. Give a full scope of cleaning your home condition. No more stress about liquid and dead corners!

Homasy Cordless Vacuum Cleaner has taken over the recent age of quick-charging innovation and the self-created clever power of executive innovation and can fully charge its battery in 3-4 hours.

In the meantime, the temperature fuse, the input voltage insurance, the input current security and the short-circuit security to guarantee the well-being of the hardware during the entire charging process.

In addition, the high-performance lithium battery contained in the Homasy vacuum cleaner can run up to 5 times with a lifespan of up to 5 years, which is a multiple of the lifespan of different brands.


  • Strong suction
  • Thorough cleaning
  • Portable


  • Small cub limit

4. VacLife silver

VacLife is a trusted brand in the vacuum cleaner industry and anyone who has used their machines will realize how great they are. Also, they made this adaptable compact vacuum that accompanies numerous spouts to simplify various cleaning processes. So, working and cleaning with this vacuum cleaner is extremely easy due to the very good plan and its compact design.

Importantly, it uses state-of-the-art innovations. Besides, it has an amazing motor that offers sufficient suction power to handle practically every vacuum cleaner task. Likewise, it has a really modest price and will surely give you a big incentive for the money.

Moreover, this cordless handheld vacuum cleaner uses a super-strong, groundbreaking suction motor. So, it will clean your messy floor and perfecting your home.

Exceptionally, it is useful for daily cleaning, including hair or residue. Also, it is an excellent decision for both vehicle and household cleaning (double wet and dry).

Furthermore, this vacuum cleaner is versatile and can arrive in hard-to-reach places. This can include in the couch hole and inside your vehicle. The super-brilliant LED light guarantees your cleaning work both in shine and in the dark.

What is more, this cordless handheld vacuum cleaner accompany the HEPA channel made of treated steel, which is washable and increasingly robust. The separable residue cup is useful for quick and easy waste disposal, helpful for the cleaning jobs.


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Long lasting battery


  • The suction power not good


Another Black and Decker version on the list. With a legacy of over 100 years as one of the most trustworthy brands in the world, the new Black + Decker personality extends this trust through imaginative and solid products. In addition to a significant, enthusiastic and empowering home experience, the new Black + Decker unit will be honest.

It is ideal for those who are looking for real power. Without a doubt, the universal 20V MAX Lithium battery powered Black + Decker offers a solid suction power.

Exceptionally, with its 20V MAX * lithium-ion battery, a light structure for easy transport and a standing charging base, it is more than you are looking for. The unit is not only amazing but also minimized so that it is kept near wrecks.

Moreover, the 20 V MAX * lithium unit comes with a locally available fissure instrument and brush that are always nearby to avoid chaos, high racks and in the middle of sofa cushions.

For a gradual, thorough cleaning, remove the entire bowl from the device and wash it in your sink. Duct glitter is installed to relax floating debris and jetsam from the canal to improve suction performance. The bowl is easily ejected and washable.

Furthermore, this Vac offers a 3-tier filter frame with a folded channel configuration and provides excellent filtering for clean air emissions. Likewise, the wide neck configuration collects enormous flotsam and jetsam and essentially flips up the brush to clean the upholstery or extends the hole to reach tight spaces. Also, this device has a quick charging base that keeps the device charged and sorts out the extras.


  • Quick charging base
  • Wide neck


  • Abit heavy

6. Hoover ONEPWR

Hoover ONEPWR Cordless Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner, Battery Powered, Lightweight, BH57005, White

The Hoover ONEPWR BH57005 is part of the company’s cordless cleaning scaffold that has lithium-ion batteries.

The cordless handheld vacuum cleaner HOOVER ONEPWR is ideal for quick and easy pickups around the house and in a hurry. An inherent splitting device and an easily emptied XL bottom cup are the perfect combinations for dealing with any surprising chaos. Besides, the light, the reduced structure is ideal for cleaning and cleaning whenever and wherever.

Be ready for what life throws in your direction! This handheld vacuum cleaner is part of the wireless HOOVER ONEPWR cleaning scaffold, an imaginative group of line-free elite cleaning items that share the incredible lithium-ion battery for cleaning in and around the house.

This handheld is suitable for our bare-bottom cleaning test and has received an excellent rating. Also, it works well for other important cleaning tests, including cleaning carpets, sucking pet hair, and removing coarseness along the edges along with partitions. A splitter gives you a greater range.

Moreover, the HOOVER ONEPWR battery conveys the fuzzy power and design you need without being attached to a rope. Likewise, the interchangeable and battery-powered ONEPWR battery is suitable for every single ONEPWR product and offers definite line-free adaptability.

Furthermore, the amazing suction power combined with a minimal structure makes it easy to handle snappy wreck piles around the house.


  • Amazing suction power
  • Large holding cup


  • Large cup makes it heavy


There is no doubt that the Handheld vacuum cleaners are incredible when you need, quick cleaning. The problem is that many of the models out there simply don’t get the results required for certain cleaning companies.

However, this cordless handheld vacuum cleaner from Black and Decker is equipped with a superior motor. Also, it has a solid suction intensity of 24 AW to quickly remove all normal wrecks from home.

Exceptionally, this handheld vacuum cleaner consists of a lithium-ion battery with longer battery life. The longer service life is an outstanding example of a wireless hand vacuum for animal hair, soil, and all other dry wrecks. Besides, this model is minimal and versatile and weighs only 3.2 pounds.

Likewise, the mechanized brush can catch the implanted animal hair and easily remove from the furniture. In addition, it has an animal hairbrush that can quickly clean the surface of all deeply caught animal hair. The cyclone activity sucks and keeps the channel clean. The vacuum cleaner consists of an easy-to-clean washable floor pan. The narrow edges can be effectively cleaned with the fissure device.

Unlike other handheld vacuum cleaners that use NiCad batteries, which generally lose suction and blur quickly, lithium-particle batteries are used that last longer and offer a grounded suction power.

Furthermore, the all-round, adjustable hose makes it easy to put away. There is no compelling reason to twist the hose in this direction or in this way or to push over the trip. The adaptable hose simply folds over the body of the vacuum cleaner and snaps into place.


  • Light and conservative
  • Strong suction power
  • Longer battery life


  • Noisy

8. Vaclife Black and orange

Vaclife Handheld Vacuum, Hand Vacuum Cordless with High Power, Mini Vacuum Cleaner Handheld Powered by Li-ion Battery Rechargeable Quick Charge Tech, for...

This handheld vacuum cleaner frees your development from cleaning your stairs, kitchen, vehicle or hard-to-reach corners without connection. Also, this handheld vacuum cleaner is light and versatile enough to support you with cleaning anywhere without any problems.

Moreover, this handheld vacuum cleaner contains a HEPA duct made of hardened steel, which offers impressive workmanship with long toughness. It can be washed very well for a lot more occasions than paper channels. Importantly, this hand vacuum cleaner will clean your house and your vehicle thoroughly.

For sure, with this cordless handheld vacuum cleaner, you can remove residues in sofas, partitions, stairs and other difficult to access areas with 3 different connections.

The LED light of the hand vacuum cleaner is incredible to easily clean blunt corners. Also, it is easy to clean at night with the help of the LED light. It makes it an amazing cordless handheld vacuum cleaner for cleaning food waste, paper scraps, cigarette scraps, animal hair, etc.

Furthermore, the battery-operated hand-held vacuum battery is supplied with a brush device, and hole outlet device. Also, it comes with an augmentation-sensitive channel, a connector, and a conveyor housing.  

Undoubtedly, it is exceptional for people who do not have much solidarity, as well as for hard-to-reach areas. Equipped with three different spouts, you can easily cover the upholstery, the carpet, the dashboard and all places in the middle.


  • Powerful battery
  • Strong suction power


  • The confusing spouts

Things to Consider Before Buying For Best Cordless Handheld Vacuums

Different people have different needs, and what works for some may not work for you. So, before you get your hands on another handheld vacuum cleaner, you should first consider which important highlights you need and whether you have the vacuum cleaner in mind to fix these problems.

Running time

The term is said to be one of the most important elements to consider. Therefore, focus consistently on the extent to which you can use your vacuum.

Keep in mind that manufacturers often express the most extreme expected runtime, which can shift the quota quantity and the load square, the surface to be cleaned, and the degree of suction. Don’t think too little about the runtime you need. Deep flooring and tarnished zones may require different steps to achieve a thorough cleaning.

Think about the size of your house and what you want to use your handheld vacuum for. If it is only a matter of quick repairs, you can get by with a shorter runtime at this point. In any case, you need a longer runtime of 20 minutes or more for step-by-step cleaning meetings or house cleaning. You may also need to think about a corded vacuum in the same way.

Suction power

This is probably the main thing to consider. Each vacuum cleaner has its suction power, which depends on the motor and the power it transmits. Would you like to clean up the whole room or do you want to clean your vehicle? The cleaner often decides on the area and the type of wrecks that a vacuum can handle. Cleaning performance is often controlled by vacuum battery limitation and the motor.


Another urgent element that needs to be considered when choosing the cordless handheld vacuum is the filtration frame. You must keep the indoor air clean after vacuuming. We recommend models with offset filtering or those with HEPA channels.


It is not recommended to put more money into the vacuum cleaner. You should have a specific spending schedule that you should adhere to when buying a vacuum cleaner. You will discover numerous products that are available at very reasonable prices.

So, choose the right vacuum cleaner by thinking about the whole perspective. The cordless handheld vacuum should have a spending limit that leads to costs.


The lighter your vacuum cleaner is, the better it will be handled. Continuously view the specifications of the vacuum you want to buy. The light water vacuum is easier to use for a while during cleaning. It enables the customer to move from one place to the next without a reservation during cleaning. The best small cordless vacuum cleaner should be light.


The cordless handheld vacuum should be versatile. It should be able to collect a wide range of garbage on the floor. It shouldn’t be specific to a storm cellar or flooring. Also, it should be able to clean all types of floors and things. It should clean the sofas and may have the option of going to the corners where the customer cannot get to.


Brands are famous as they should be. It means that their action plan is solid, that they understand what they are doing. You recognize that you can trust them, but we would prefer not to overwhelm you with our affection for just one brand. Rather, we have found a wide range of exceptional brands that produce similarly incredible products. From this point, you can choose.


If you are looking for a cordless handheld vacuum cleaner on the market, you should carefully consider what is included in this case. In a perfect world, you need a thin edge, a gap nozzle, and a brush nozzle for sensitive areas and upholstery. Also, long, light nozzles are amazingly valuable, expand your compass and make hard-to-reach regions much more sensible.


Undoubtedly, many people state that they do not read through reviews, that they have to formulate their guesses, and that following the group is a failure. The problem is that these people also waste a lot of money on inappropriate products and keep coming back for the top-rated products. We love reviews, they are ideal for identifying the seemingly insignificant details in products that you are unlikely to notice if you coolly examine article portraits, and are gradually becoming legitimate.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQ)

What is the best cordless handheld vacuum for pet hair?

We might not be able to tell you which one is best for pet hair, but there are vacuum cleaners that are specifically designed to remove pet hair from your carpets, sofas, mats, and floors. If you have more than a few pets, you will need something with enough power at this point to manage the cleaning activity you will be performing. For this reason, a corded vacuum cleaner may be the most logical option.

How regularly would it be a good idea for you to vacuum hardwood?

Hardwood is simpler to flawless and less to hold back hair and earth than carpets or rugs. So you don’t have to vacuum them as often as you would structure covered floors in the home. However, you may find residues, hair and other flotsam and jetsam are knocked around the avoidance board and in corners. So be sure to vacuum these areas as regularly as possible to forestall development.

Does vacuuming hurt the flooring?

Regular vacuuming is an extension of the life of your flooring. Although there has been a belief, there is a concept as stunning as excessive vacuuming. Removing dirt, debris, and garbage from your flooring that develops and collects is much more than painful.

Are cordless handheld vacuum cleaners expensive?

In general, handheld cordless vacuum cleaners are cheaper. They are lightweight and are generally powered by smaller motors. In general, you can discover great handheld vacuum cleaners ranging from $ 20 for section-level cleaners to $ 100 for more advanced cleaners.

How often should I clean my device?

You should always keep your cordless handheld vacuum cleaner perfect and clean. The legitimate consideration of the vacuum cleaner is a basic thing as it directly affects the life and support required for the item. The cordless vacuum cleaners should be spotless throughout. It would be in vain if your vacuum cleaner cleaned the floor from one end and spread it out at the other end.


Although there are numerous best cordless handheld vacuum for car & homes, not everyone provides reliable support. At the moment we have just added models with special highlights to ensure a predominant execution. They offer a wide range of cleaning capacities. This makes them an ideal choice for homes with children and pets. Have fun buying it!

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