How to Clean Lifeproof Vinyl Flooring

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By Mary A. Williamson | Last Updated: February 17, 2022

The life-proof vinyl flooring became very popular just this decade. They are very durable and as the name suggests, they can last you a lifetime.  It offers the best value for your money as it gives your home a very beautiful and majestic look. The vinyl flooring can be used in the bedroom, living room. It is even durable and water-resistant enough to be used in the bathroom and kitchen.

One sure way of maintaining the vinyl floor look and property is through consistent cleaning. Cleaning helps retain the floor’s excellent look. It also helps maintain high hygiene.  It should be more regular especially if you have a toddler at home. Also, cleaning can prevent an accident that can occur from slipping due to the wet floor. Dust and debris if not cleaned fast can damage and scuff the finishing on the vinyl flooring

Below is how to clean LifeProof vinyl flooring effectively and maintain its livelihood. They have been broken down into steps for easy reading and understanding.

The equipment to choose from is largely dependent on the degree of dirt and the type of stain.

The recommended tools are a broom, mop (dust mop, regular mop), a spray bottle and a cleaner solution.

Steps to Cleaning Life-proof Vinyl Flooring

Step one:

  • The first step will be to find a good cleaning solution. Get one that is tough on the stain and does not wear off the finishing of the vinyl floor.
  • Some cleaner when they dry up can leave a sticky residue which makes it absorb stains faster. Even the best cleaner does not guarantee a shiny surface, do not be deceived.
  • After the selection, make a solution of the cleaning agent. Make it concentrated so you won’t have to spray much on the floor.
  • Pour the cleaning arrangement in a splash bottle.

Step two:

  • Sweep the entire floor. This can be done using a broom or a dust mop. A dust mop is gentle on the vinyl floor and does not cause wear or dull out the vinyl floor.
  • The most company can cancel a warranty on the vinyl floor if they notice a scrubbing sign. You shouldn’t use a scrub and remember to be gentle with the cleaning.

Step three:

  • Spray the cleaner solution on the already swept floor.
  • Wipe with a front and back movement using a microfiber flat mob.
  • For effective cleaning on the vinyl, cleaner use the other part of the mop, the white part.
  • Clean as large as 4 x 4 area with every application of the spray.

Step four:

For heavy and deep stains like a food residue;

  • Spray the deep stain.
  • Leave for four or five minutes.
  • Scarp with a soft object like the plastic spatula. The plastic spatula won’t scratch the floor sure and is gentle.

Questions and Answers:

Hi, can I use wax on my vinyl flooring?

No, do not use was on vinyl flooring. Vinyl floorings are laminated types of flooring. Applying wax will not make it look shiny

Wax can make the surface sticky which makes it easier for stain and dirt to deposit. A waxed floor also increases resistance to cleaning and causes more work to be done.

Use only a laminated floor cleaner and avoid other types.

Can I clean my life-proof vinyl floor using a steam mop?

Steam mop releases a lot of moisture. And too much moisture or dampness can ruin the lamination on the vinyl floor.

The steam mops force moisture in between the flooring and can further damage the lamination. A microfiber flat mop is best for cleaning life-proof vinyl flooring.

What type of cleaner solution is best for cleaning vinyl flooring?

The best types are those made specifically for cleaning vinyl flooring. Avoid a general cleaner. A good cleaner should have a neutral pH. Some manufacturers specify some brands of cleaner. All this information is available on the product pack or the manufacturer’s website.


The life-proof vinyl flooring is a nice addition in every home. It makes the home more welcoming. Also, it is not specifically used at home. It can be used in offices, restaurants, and halls.

I recommend that cleaning them should be taken seriously as they help retain the elegant look of the flooring. Frequent sweeping prevents the accumulation of dust. This can both damage the lamination of the flooring and also causes a health hazard.

One important thing you should make sure you get right is your choice of a good vinyl floor cleaner. I hope this article on how to clean LifeProof vinyl flooring is informative enough to guide in the market.

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