How to Hook Up Automatic Pool Vacuum

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By Mary A. Williamson | Last Updated: February 17, 2022

An automatic pool cleaner can make the life of a pool owner easier on so many levels. It does not require investment. Saves your power and your pool is much cleaner. It makes no difference what type of automatic pool cleaner you have. They meet the specific requirements they are made for.

However, many inquiries can be made regarding the first steps. Such as their hooking up and a lot of data about the installation of an automatic pool cleaner is unclear.

To help reliable pool owners who have or want to have automatic pool cleaners. We’ve figured out how to hook up an automatic pool vacuum.

What about the type

There are three different types of automatic pool cleaners that require different hooking up strategies and methods. In this piece of work, we only go for one type.

Hooking up the suction side pool cleaner

This type of pool cleaner is designed to be hooked up to the suction side of the pool. All the more precisely in the pipes when the water is drawn back with the aim of channeling it as it should. When connected effectively, they clean leaves and other small garbage.

However, these types of pool cleaners are the most difficult to connect. There are several things the customer needs to do before they can expect the pool cleaner to perform their enchantment. Regardless of whether you have an above-ground pool or an in-ground pool, the activity is synonymous and here it is: It is divided into two steps, the setup and the actual connection to get it going.

The setup

The most important thing to do when you have just used the cleaner is to set it up for cleaning. This means that you have to take out the pump container and make sure that it is clean so that the mechanical cleaner can carry out the activity accordingly.

After unloading the box, you should remove the pump filter. Also, it should be cleaned completely. You can do this by washing and unloading it.

Measure the pH level of your pool water. Importantly, this is will assure if the model of the pump that you have can be appropriate because each model works at different PH levels.

In the instructions, you will find data on which connection levels your pool cleaner can handle. If you are not careful with this, you may damage the device because the pool water has higher chlorine or calcium levels.

The next thing you need to do is close your pool suction and sewer outlets. This will reject the outlet to which the skimmer hose line is connected. You must also ensure that the pool pump is switched off.

The actual connection

The most important thing you need to do is remove the skimmer port and lower the pressure port at the base of the port.

After doing this, you should insert the automatic control valve into the completion of your pressure connection.

Next, you need to make sure that it works properly. You should connect your cleaner hose to the skimmer hose. It should slide about eight inches away from your connector.

You can place your cleaner on the pool surface and trust that water will get through the hose and until there is no more air.

After this process is complete, you will need to pull the end of the hose through the skimmer opening in the vertical surface of your pool. It may need to be rotated so that it stays in place and the pump of your pool turns.

Notice how your cleaner works as it is supposed to move around in your pool. The accompanied owner’s manual can be revisited at the time as it tells and have all the information how fast your cleaner should be moving. If it isn’t moving fast enough, it could be an indication of a breakdown.


With these tips on how to hook up an automatic pool cleaner, we can guarantee that your pool is clean and your device is safe from possible negative effects. However, since these guidelines appear to be all-encompassing, they can vary with a particular model. So make sure you read your owner’s manual carefully before connecting your automatic pool cleaner.

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