How to Use a Carpet Cleaner

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By Mary A. Williamson | Last Updated: February 17, 2022

Everyone wants a nice-looking home where everywhere is tidy and clean. Carpets do add to the beauty of your home but have to be maintained properly. If not they can be an eyesore with the accumulated dirty and smell.

One way of maintaining your carpet’s nice smell, texture, and appearance is by cleaning it regularly. Cleaning can be done by hiring a professional cleaner. They can either come to your home to clean up or take the carpet down to their workstation. But hiring a professional can be costly at times and every carpet owner should have a carpet cleaner.

A carpet cleaner is an electronic machine that cleans with three basic principles. It uses a detergent solution to make cleaning easy. The brush provides mechanical stimulation and the suction helps suck up the dirt.

Now, there are different makers of carpet cleaners and the way to operate may vary slightly. But don’t worry. This article will teach you how to use a carpet cleaner of different types. The steps are also super easy to follow.

Step By Step Guideline

Step one:

Here is where you take every item all and around your carpet out. This is to provide space for the free movement of the carpet cleaner.

Step two:

  • Fill up the water tank with warm tap water. The larger tank decreases the frequency of emptying and refilling.
  • After this add the detergent solution to it. Most carpet cleaner brands come with their detergent formula. You can choose to use theirs or another. It doesn’t make much difference.

Step three:

  • Plug the cleaner and turn it on by pressing the power button.

Step four:

  • Incline the handle and press down the cleaner’s trigger
  • While holding the trigger, make one slow wet pass forward and another pass backward.

Step five:

  • . Release the trigger and make a dry pass to suction up all residues.

Step six:

  • Repeat step one to five till the liquid suctioned up is clear

Step seven:

  • This step is optional. It requires you to clean with just water without detergent. This helps to remove the detergent solution used initially.

Step eight:

  • Change the water in the tank when dirty and repeat the step on other areas of the carpet.

Questions and Answers:

Hi, how can I maintain my carpet cleaner?

For sure maintenance is one sure way to increase the life span of your machine. Regular maintenance helps decrease the frequency of repair and thus saves you money.

  • Clean and raise the tank with clean water
  • Clean the brush and remove all debris from it
  • Always remember to unplug it after use.

Can I use my carpet cleaner to clean something else?

Well, that is entirely dependent on the material you want to use the carpet cleaner to clean. Many a time people use it to clean upholsteries, the most cleaner has an attachment for this purpose. If you intend to clean a floor, there is a specialized machine for that purpose. You can use a steam cleaner or mop for such cleaning.

One way to decide if a machine is okay for a particular type of cleaning is by reading the manual. Most manufacturers list the type of material the carpet cleaner is suited to clean.

Can I use another cleaner solution apart from the original one that came with the machine?

Yes, there is no much difference in the most carpet cleaner solution. Just make sure you are using a carpet cleaner solution from a reputable brand.  Also make sure the detergent solution is made specifically for carpet cleaning.


The steps on how to use a carpet cleaner are quite simple. Cleaning the carpet without the machine can be a herculean task to carry and is unnecessary at this age. Hiring a professional cleaner can be expensive especially if you do so frequently. The machine is very reliable, easy to use and maintain. They leave your carpet sparkling clean as if they were new while maintaining the texture, color, and appearance.

If you have further questions about the use of your carpet cleaner, you can always contact the manufacturer. This can be done through the company website or placing a call to their ever responsive customer care line.

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